Tiverton Castle

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Tiverton Castle Blackdown Barn


- Try on some English Civil War Armour and imagine what it was like to wear such heavy and cumbersome kit

- Admire the different ages of architecture 

- Learn the history of the Castle as you go round, and see the various displays relating to it. 

- See the medieval garderobes (loos) originally cleaned out by children 

- Read the various ghost stories and about secret passages 

- Feel the weight of a cannon ball ‑ far heavier than you think. 

- See some interesting furniture and royal pictures. 

- Find out why there is a small Napoleonic collection in Tiverton. 

- Spend some time going round the beautiful walled gardens - interesting and rare plants, colourful borders, well-stocked kitchen garden, orchard, woodland garden. 

- You are allowed to sit on the chairs as you go round ‑ this is a private house, not National Trust property, and it will not be overcrowded. 

- There is a Tiny shop selling inexpensive, good quality souvenirs mainly relating to the Castle.'